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Iconoclast Entertainment Group Privacy Policy

IEG is the publisher of several of the web's popular entertainment websites all included in the antiMusic Network. This Privacy Policy applies to the following web sites on the antiMusic Network as well as other sites published by the Iconoclast Entertainment Group:  - updated 2/12/18

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    IEG respects the privacy of our users. 

    The terms that follow for Personal Information, IP addresses and Cookies, are kept listed here for our previous commenting system and message boards which are no longer active on new articles printed after November 2011 when we removed the third-party commenting system from newly published articles. Our previous direct commenting system and message board were disabled prior to 2011. We do not directly track or collect your personal information unless you directly correspond with us via email. See the third-party disclosures for policy links and opt-out information for the advertising companies that we use.

    IP addresses are temporarily logged for investigation of security breaches and/or server abuse.

    Personal Information: IEG does not collect personal information that is shared with us unless approved by the reader at the time the information is provided. We request personal information from readers for Contest entries, suggestions, submissions, feedback, fan speak board registration, and for voting purposes.   See our terms of service statement.

    IP addresses: To prevent abuses of our message boards and fan speak features when a user post a comment on a page containing Fan Speak or a Message Board their IP addresses are printed on the page containing the post. The IP numbers are printed in a hidden field so that they are not readily visible to the naked eye. IEG will only use these IP addresses to investigate and/or ban user who abuse the boards and/or fan speak sections. IEG will determine what constitutes abuse at its own discretion. Further information is available on the terms of use page - See our terms of service statement.

    Cookies: IEG also utilized session based cookies for the following purposes a)to store a registered users name and password on their hard drive per their instructions at the time they signed up for a Fan Speak account or other message board system. b) to limit the number of pop-up advertisements a single user will receive during a single browsing session -- these cookies expired in either in 1 session or 1 to 24 hours. Aside from their stated purpose IEG does not collect or store information from these cookies nor do we utilize any information in connection with them for any other purpose including but not limited to market research, user surfing habits, sharing information with third parties. 

    Statements about Third Party Services utilized on our web sites:

    Advertising Services

    Our sites uses the services of Google for the serving and/or targeting of ads, promotions and other marketing messages. To learn more about Google, details about their cookie use (and opting out of their tracking cookies), their interest-based advertising and their privacy policy go to

    We also use Google Analytics for traffic tracking but includes some basic advertising tracking. The opt-out details can be found here

    We no longer use Index Exchange as of March 30, 2019 Our sites also utilize the services of Casale Media/Index Exchange for ad sales services, Casale Media uses cookies, details about their privacy policy and opt-outs can be found at

    We no longer use ValueClick as of November 4, 2011

    Our sites also utilize the services of Vibrant Media for ad sales services,  Vibrant Media uses cookies, details about their privacy policy can be found at

    Privacy policies for 3rd party merchandise sales (, etc) can be obtained on the respective vendor websites.

    Branded Email

    We previously utilized the services of for our branded "antiMUSIC Email" -'s privacy policy can be found at