Free Link Policy 

antiMusic works on a free link policy. That means that you are free to reprint up to 40% of any ORIGINAL printed news article and 30% of any ORIGINAL review or interview featured on our network provided that you include credit to antiMusic as well as a link (on the page you are reprinting the article) to the page on the antiMusic network that you took the article from.  The free link policy does not include third-party articles which are labeled as such, check with the publishers of those articles for their reprint policies. 

Photos: Free link does not include photos. You need express written permission to use any original antiMusic photographs. And under no circumstances are you allowed to link a photo from our server to be shown on your webpage, myspace page etc or we will hunt you down and bill you for the bandwidth.  Just ask the dozen unlucky bloggers that stole our bandwidth.  Yes it costs us money so don't do it unless you want to pay us back with costs! 

See this link for additional terms of service